“Everyone deserves good health and happiness.
Our goal is to help people achieve both.”



Human Aid in Greece (HAiG) is a small charity registered in the Netherlands, which was started in September 2016 to support the refugees of Iliadis camp in Northern Greece. Since then we have expanded to a large team of volunteers and we are running projects through all of Greece, in Belgrade (Serbia), in Calais (France) and in Amsterdam (Netherlands). We specialize in intervening quickly and efficiently in times of crisis. Our projects include, among others, providing nutritious meals, distributing first necessity items, running educational and healthcare programmes and assisting families in the process towards self-sufficiency. Our strength lays in our knowledge of the needs on the ground, our successful and trusted collaborations with numerous small and efficient other grassroots organizations and our ability to make quick decisions. This allows us to swiftly react to acute situations, initiating and coordinating appropriate responses while enabling each participating organization to do what they do best. HAiG rests on three pillars:

  1. Immediate Response: This is really where we excel. Our contacts on the ground alert us instantly in case of crisis, our very flat organisational structure allows us to make quick decisions and we always keep a financial buffer to respond to acute situations.  This means that we are able to provide emergency support within hours of the occurrence of a situation.
  2. Efficiency: We maximise our impact by cooperating with many other small and effective NGOs both in The Netherlands, for collections and shipment, as in Greece, Calais and Belgrade, for synergies on different projects. This allows us to spend our limited capital on targeted projects with the maximal impact. Also, the administration of Human Aid in Greece has been optimized to reduce administration costs to the minimum and the remaining costs are privately funded. This means that every single donated penny is spent on site, for the refugees.
  3. Transparency: We want to show any person who is supporting HAiG that their contributions have been properly used and has made a tangible difference. We justify each piece of clothing, hour of work or penny spent through monthly expense updates and regular Facebook posts and we actively encourage further inquiries. 


Take a look at how we remain
cost efficient
Food, clothes, hygiene: Greece mainland €19,184.67
Immediate response for other NGOs €11,235.11
Food, clothes, hygiene: Greek islands €6,648.90
Birthday club €4,471.06
Food, clothes, hygiene: Calais & Paris €4,448.83
Help a Hero: FoodKind in Dilesi €4,317.50
Dental project: Teeth for refugees €3,128.60
Help a Hero: Mobile Info Team in Thessaloniki €2,846.46
Help a Hero: Med'EqualiTeam on Samos €2,725.97
Safe House in Thessaloniki €2,258.58
Help a Hero: Because We Carry on Lesbos €1,500.00
Food, clothes, hygiene: The Netherlands €842.12
SG&A €681.18


Immediate Response: Here we use the HAiG buffer to immediately respond to urgent needs that come up. So far, we have managed to within hours notice fund for repairing Soul Food Kitchen’s car, which they use daily for food distribution and replace their washing machine (which broke due to freezing water) to keep their their kitchen clean. Also, they needed emergency support on food containers and gas bottles, which we gladly helped out with. Furthermore, we have contributed to the vegetable project which delivers the vegetables to the Istron Hotel and we supported an urgent mission on Lesvos while there was snow in Moria camp. We have paid for the rails for the Truckshop who does clothing distributions in a human way where people can actually choose themselves. They opened a shop in Thessaloniki of which we finance the rent to facilitate this project. We continuously help the Norwegian Refugee Council by providing food packages to newly arrived families to their housing projects. We finance a warehouse in Belgrade for an amazing NGO called BelgrAid who from the warehouse provides basic needs for over a thousand refugees in Serbia.

Offsite Families: Basic food products, such as milk, sugar, drinking water, diapers, baby wipes, vinegar, rice Bulgar wheat, tea flour, baby strollers and oil. Gasoline for clothing distributions and to go to the different sites to determine the needs on site. Since people have been relocated to so many different sites, many are irregularly visited by volunteers or have never been visited. This means that, as with the Istron Hotel, there are more places where people are missing primary needs. Also, we started financing some housing projects where we help with rent and utility bills.

Birthday club: Birthday cakes, balloons, candy, chocolates and lollipops. Also, every child has received a toy before the closing of the camp. These were footballs, nail polishes, dolls and many more. We now do weekly birthday parties in two camps housing a total of around 700 refugees.

Clothing: 405 pairs of sweatpants, both for the families in the camp and for the ones that no longer live in the camp. We have managed to buy these before the cold winter months, so that many received warm clothes before the temperatures dropped dramatically.

Epanomi: This is the place where the remaining families were brought once Iliadis camp closed. Since we have supported these families in camp, we will keep providing some basic food needs at their new location. This month we have done distributions of milk, sugar, beans, rice, flour, Bulgar wheat and tea.

Dental Project: A great project giving people that haven’t had teeth for more than a year a set of full dentures. We have taken care of most dental issues that have emerged and therefore this project is not active at the moment. We do continue to organize dental care days in collaboration with the Health Point Foundation.

Istron Hotel: Among others for 125 people: milk, hardboiled eggs, tuna, olives, cookies, chicken and drinking water. Also some petrol costs to bring families to the doctors, etc. In collaboration with other parties, the people in the Istron hotel now receive the most basic food, clothing and medical needs. The hotel closed March 31st, so this project has been finished successfully.

Tilos community centre: A great initiative supporting vulnerable families transferred from other islands. 55 people, including many small children, who are not receiving enough funds to assure basic food supplies for their families. We have decided to take on this project until this problem is resolved. Funds were used on vegetables, milk, sugar, drinking water, yogurt, refilling gas bottles and much more. At the moment Tilos receives the support they need again, so this project has been (temporarily) terminated.

Safe House: This project is for unaccompanied young adults that are not safe in camp and that want to develop their skills. We rent an apartment where they can study English and work on projects for NGOs on site. Also, events are organized for, for instance, the dental care days mentioned in the dental project: on March 19th, we had a record of 40 patients that had their teeth taken care of in the Safe house!

Iliadis camp: milk and sugar for the families. Flashlights for the storage bay. Shaving and barber equipment for the workshop. Cards against noise pollution. The camp closed February 16th, so this project has been finished successfully.

Self-sufficiency: We made prints of paintings that a Syrian artist has already sold to represent her artwork at her first solo exhibition of her paintings. She had made a large sum of money selling these paintings and it is a first step into taking matters in her own hands again. We will aim to support upcoming projects to give people the opportunity to get paid work again.

SG&A: Administrative- and  banking costs, etc. All have been privately funded. Also, all event costs (€1,430.70) were funded with subsidies specified for these events.