Here we list the main principles of Human Aid in Greece:

  • The goal of the foundation is the support of primarily Syrian refugees in Greece by raising funds in the widest possible way. Official Dutch notarial text:

“De Stichting heeft ten doel de opvang van met name Syrische vluchtelingen in Griekenland te faciliteren alsmede het aanvaarden van erfstellingen onder het voorrecht van boedelbeschrijving en voorts al hetgeen in de ruimste zin met één en ander verband houdt, daartoe behoort en/of daartoe bevorderlijk kan zijn.”

  • We are not interested in making profit. All of the received funds will be used for the benefit or the refugees in Greece.
  • When Human Aid in Greece will cease its activities, the remaining funds in its bank account will be donated to the InterEuropean Human Aid Association Germany e.V., also known as IHA ( IHA serves a similar goal as Human Aid in Greece and also actively supports refugees every day in meeting there primary needs.

We have these main principles to attempt to fulfill our mission, which is to improve the quality of the lives of refugees as possible. We mostly reach our goal by providing primary needs, such as clothing, housing, medical aid and food; however, this in no way limits our activities.

Here we list some of activities that Human Aid in Greece has supported in the past or still supports to get an idea of the way how we attempt to provide primary needs:

  • Supporting several community kitchens so that they can produce more meals
  • Regular distributions of:
    • milk
    • eggs
    • mosquito repellent
    • clothes
    • fruits
    • et cetera
  • Providing adult safe spaces (with potential language classes and workshops)
  • Providing blankets, duvets, cushions, sleeping bags and more sleeping wear

Please note that this list just serves as an example and in no way describes all of the activities done by Human Aid in Greece.

Policy (beleid)

Here we list possible upcoming projects for Human Aid in Greece:

  • Large necessity items collections and transportation to the needed location
  • Any seed-capital project (please refer to our projects page to see how we support these)
  • Any emergency response project that may occur
  • Any project that aim to meet the primary needs of refugees
  • Any project where we feel that Human Aid in Greece influence can make a tangible difference compared to the amount of funds and / or material necessary

Human Aid in Greece will attempt to collect financial contributions in different ways. These have in common that they either support all projects as a common financial contribution to Human Aid in Greece or to specific projects that are supported or initiated by Human Aid in Greece. We will not accept financial contributions that are combined with obligations for Human Aid in Greece that infringe our policy. Among others, we actively fundraise by:

  • Contacting individuals for short-term and long-term financial contributions
  • Contacting companies for short-term and long-term financial contributions
  • Organizing sponsored fundraising events
  • Contacting other organizations with similar goals for short-term and long-term financial contributions

The board consists of five members. At this moment, the chairman is permanently located in Northern Greece and is responsible for the majority of the expenses of Human Aid in Greece. All the expenses by any board member will be justified by receipts, which will be collected by the treasurer. The treasurer will keep the administration of Human Aid in Greece and will also provide an annual report about the finances. All expenses above ten thousand euros require a majority agreement from the board. During the bi-annual meetings of the board, the secretary will document the decisions that have been taken.

All of the received funds will be used for the benefit of refugees. This means that in return for these and any other activities, none of the board members will receive any financial compensation.

Governance (beheer)

We have an authorization scheme to determine how donations are spent. Feel free to contact us at for any information on this.

The acquisition costs and overheads will in any case stay below ten percent of all incoming funds. The majority of the acquisition costs will not be charged to Human Aid in Greece. In the first year, we managed to stay under 1% of overhead costs, implying that more than 99% was spent on site (in Greece or France or in the Netherlands to finance transport of necessity items).

There is no remuneration or other incentives for the board members or any other persons to contribute to the success of Human Aid in Greece.

Board (bestuur)

The board of Human Aid in Greece consists of the following three persons:

Dominique Spitzberg: Chairman
Cees van der Voorn: Secretary
Hugo Ward: Treasurer