Continuity of other grassroots NGOs

Here we list some of the projects where we used the HAiG buffer to immediately respond to urgent needs of other grassroots organizations. This can be because they suddenly have to take upon themselves more responsibility (because another party defaults, for example) or if their continuity is at stake because of a one-off event.

So far, we have managed to within hours’ notice fund for repairing Soul Food Kitchen’s car, which they use daily for food distribution and replace their washing machine (which broke due to freezing water) to keep their kitchen clean. Also, they needed emergency support on food containers and gas bottles, which we gladly helped out with. Contributions such as the above listed keep the kitchen running, which means that at the end of the day, they manage to deliver hundreds of meals to refugees in several camps and in the streets of Thessaloniki.

Furthermore, we have contributed to the Vegetable Project which delivered vegetables packs to the Istron Hotel and we supported an urgent clothing project on Lesvos while there was snow in Moria camp in collaboration with Epigrafes Warehouse Nea Magnesia.